Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1075 : Luffy And Rob Lucci Teaming Up After Seraphim Attack?

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Anima Trenz – On social media, Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1075 have begun to circulate. According to the information provided, the situation on Egghead Island is becoming increasingly chaotic as a result of a series of incidents that have forced the Straw Hats and others to remain vigilant. As you are aware, the situation on Egghead Island is currently precarious.

We previously saw Rob Lucci and Kaku, along with the CP0 troop, attack Egghead’s island. They had the upper hand, but they couldn’t defeat Luffy and the Straw Hat crew in the end. Not to mention Stussy’s “betrayal,” which turned out to be MADS and Vegapunk’s first clone. And, of course, the most epic is how Kizaru and one of the Gorosei heading towards Egghead Island.

Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1075

What happened in Chapter 1075, then? The chapter contains a number of significant points. To begin, this new chapter is titled “Labo Phase Death Game” or “Deadly Game in Labo Phase.” Second, the cover image depicts Vegapunk colliding with the Gorosei. The presence of a traitor is then revealed in greater detail in this chapter.

A mysterious figure destroyed all of the supervisory den den mushi in this chapter. As a result, Shaka, who had been watching everything from the monitor since the beginning, was powerless. The Straw Hat crew and the Vegapunk clones decide to split into four groups in order to track down Bonney and Vegapunk.

Unfortunately, one of them, namely Franky’s group, received an attack from one of the Seraphim, namely S-Snake. On the other hand, S-Bear and S-Hawk attack the control room. Shaka had given the order to stop attacking, but the attempt failed. What’s interesting is that after being unconscious for quite a while, Kaku and Rob Lucci finally started to wake up.

When Rob Lucci and Kaku saw what was going on, they became concerned. The reason for this is that they are still in handcuffs made of sea stones. In the meantime, two Seraphim attempted to attack them. The two CP0 members requested that Zoro and Luffy release them. They also invited the two of them to fight the Seraphim together.